Rest Easy Expands to Help More Patients


The annual Rest Easy fundraiser is coming up fast on June 23, 2013 and we have decided to expand our mission this year to include VAD patients and their families.

A VAD (ventricular assist device) helps a person with a failing heart make it to transplantation by moving blood throughout the heart and body. Using VADs to help people “bridge” to transplant has become a more common medical practice in the few years since Chris went through his wait. This past year alone, 15 people’s lives were saved using VADs while they were waiting for their heart transplants.

The wait and surgeries for VADs can be just as grueling to the patient and their caregiver as the transplant surgeries. To keep up with the changes in the medical approach and to help those caregivers that need just a rest just as much as those awaiting transplant, we are going to give one night stay to each VAD recipient for their “person.”

So far, we’ve been able to rely on our previous fundraisers to meet this increased demand; we are hoping this year is our most successful fundraiser yet so we can commit to helping both groups of people who need a place to “Rest Easy” in 2013.